7 comments on “Want to hear something extra-special?

  1. We were at both the recent Brunswick gigs and they were FANTASTIC !!! One of my favourite Big Band Numbers is ‘Well Git It’ by the Tommy Dorsey Band. It swings strongly and has a fantastic trumpet chase between Ziggy Elman and someone whose name I can’t remember. The best version for the chase I think is the version I posted on YouTube :-

    Enjoy !!!

    • Ah yes… an excellent choice. One of my favourites too, though I’m unsure on the wisdom in encouraging our trumpets. Perhaps we can have them play in another room. 🙂

  2. Me again – Having thought about it – one of my favourite swinging bands is the Woody Herman band. You’ve had a Basie evening and a Buddy Rich Evening. How about a Herman evening with Apple Honey, NorthWest Passage, The 4 Brothers (to show off the Sax section) & Caldonia etc.

  3. Another excellent suggestion Robert — many thanks! We’ll see what we can set up. Works of local composers will feature at our next spot at The Brunswick (Wednesday, 29 April), but — “Jeepers Creepers” — I think we can “Herd” our reeds in this direction soon.

    • Nice! I love the “Out of the Cool” recording. The specific orchestrations may be tricky, but blowing the tuba would be fun.

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